Rent an all-new Range Rover Evoque

700 dirhams per day

From the Casablanca airport or the train station, you can rent a car to explore Morocco. Renting a car means that you are free to drive anywhere you want.

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Youssef car rental office at Casablanca Airport

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Youssef office provides a car rental service at Casablanca airport, whether you are looking to rent small, medium, large or luxurious cars at the lowest price in the city of Casablanca or at Casablanca airport, our office promises you the best in car rental in Morocco.

Today you can get Best price for renting a car in Casablanca With huge features that fit your requirements and budget.

Rent your cars through easy steps at fantastic prices with Youssef's office. Car rental at Casablanca Airport will no longer be a hindrance and you will not suffer from high prices, Youssef's office promises good treatment, the best offers, the cheapest price and also a fleet of new cars. You can refer directly to Car rental price in Casablanca.

Youssef's office also provides ease Car rental in Morocco In all cities, including Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Agadir, Tangiers and airports in all parts of the Kingdom of Morocco, to make your experience unique and enjoyable.

Do not worry anymore, renting your car with us will not require complications or delays. We believe that our customer must be satisfied with the service and receive the high-quality service that he deserves, quickly and smoothly.


Youssef Office

Why rent a car in Casablanca with Youssef's office?

Rent a car for your holiday in Morocco and explore the country without borders. Book your car rental with Youssef office and enjoy reliable service and a wide fleet of vehicles, including luxury cars.

To communicate, inquire, and book your car in Casablanca or one of the Moroccan cities, please contact us by phone or via WhatsApp on the following number:

Some of our customers' opinions

My tongue is unable and words do not help me to describe what I found of good treatment, cooperation, reasonable price and high-end service
I extend my thanks to my dear, respected brother
The great in his ability, his dealings and his good manners, Professor Youssef, with much and special thanks, and Sister Lamia also
My love and appreciation to you
You are more than 5 star.

Jeddah F

A word of truth I must say.. Mr. Youssef is a top in dealing and honesty. A quick and comfortable delivery. They brought the car to me at Marrakesh airport and I received it as soon as I arrived. The delivery was very fast and easy.. And the car was special.. Someone trusted you, so be confident.. All Thanks and appreciation to him.

Indian next

I had a great experience dealing with Youssef and Sovoy Cars for the third year. They have become my preferred choice for renting cars. They pick up the car as soon as I arrive to my departure terminal, saving me time when I need it.

Simo Moujami

Very comfortable and tolerant treatment from Brother Youssef.. Punctuality, even though the delivery was to another city.. Very suitable price, although the service and ease of dealing deserve more.
I will not hesitate to rent from him every time
Deserves 5 stars without hesitation.

Mapout Plus

Their motto is excellent service and customer convenience
Very reasonable prices, the cheapest rental store to deal with
The cars are new, clean and with many options
They can deliver the car to the customer to any location in Casablanca. This is based on personal experience
We also thank Professor Youssef, who provides the service 24 hours a day....

Ali Al-Harby

Peace, mercy and blessings of God,
I dealt with Mr. Youssef and frankly, I found honesty, credibility, good dealing and fulfillment of his promise from him every time. I would recommend dealing with this company because it is the best.

About Youssef Office

Youssef office for renting a car is considered one of the best offices, if not the best. It is the pioneer of car rental offices at Casablanca Airport, with the testimony of all its customers from all countries.

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  • All days of the week: the office is open 24 hours.
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Contact us
  • Address: Casablanca Mohammed V Airport, Terminal 1, next to the train station
  • Landline: 00212522880000
  • Mobile / WhatsApp: 00212614656565
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